Classical Realism as we see it today 

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Conte Sketches
As in any portrait the knowledge of the human form is critical. However, in portraiture one element stands out above all others. The eyes must capture the outward character of the person, but should also capture the inward character of the soul. Only then will there be life in the painting. 

Lifeife Studies                    The painting of life's activities encompasses the knowledge and application of the human form as well as the ability to correctly impliment perspective.  The background must be a background and not detract but bring to the forfront the intended subject matter.

Traditional Portraiture
There are the obvious elements an artist must consider in portraiture as in any painting.  Hue, value, perspective, placement, etc are vital, however the knowledge of the human construction outweighs all other factors. This knowledge and it's application is the major success of any portrait.

Ronald Wilkinson Artist



I will, throughout this website, bring to you various comments by the old masters. 

Drawing the Human Figure

The Artist is immediately concerned with the external and the apparent. He views nature as color, tone, texture and light and shade, but back of his immediate concern, whether he be figure painter or illustrator, in order to render the human form with success, he stands in need of skill in the use of his knowledge of structure, of his understanding of action and of his insight into character. These things require a period of profound academic study.                                                 John H. Vanderpoel

Collectors and Patrons of Classical Realism Art...                    as you explore this website, you will quickly see my philosophy, as shown on the artist page, and how it is structured within all of my paintings. 

    I call this style of painting "Classical Realism" I hope you understand. 

    I am not going to try and sell you on my painting style or how I approach each painting opportunity. Each painting tells its own story and it's visual content and structure speaks for itself. 

    I hope what you see will please your visual taste buds, and encourage you to purchase and come back often.


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